This is documentation for Orange 2.7. For the latest documentation, see Orange 3.


Save widget icon

Saves data to a file.


  • Data

    Attribute-valued data set.

  • (None)


Save widget considers a data set provided on the input channel and saves it to a data file with the specified name. The widget remembers a history of the most recent file names. It can save into tab-delimited and comma-separated files, as well as the C4.5’s format and Weka’s .arrf files.

By design, the widget does not save the data every time it receives a new signal on the input as this would constantly (and, mostly, inadvertently) overwrite the file. Instead, the data is saved only after a new file name is set or the user pushes Save button.

File widget with loaded Iris data set
  1. Selected from the file names and locations from the past saves.
  2. Specify a new data file to save to.
  3. Save the data to a chosen data file.


In the workflow below we load the data into a Scatter Plot widget, where we select a subset of the data instances and push them to Save widget to store them in a data file.

Schema with Save widget